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D-Series for Pet Food

With the PFM D-Series for Pet Food a new concept of Stand-Up Pouch Machine has been born, with the most innovative operating and manufacturing standards known to the sector, unique to PFM.

Simple: Every single machine operation can be 100% controlled from a easy to use visual display

Modular: Add a module: feeding, weighing metal detector, x-ray or case packing to create all-in-one line.

Accessible: Full Side Access design allows you to directly access all components without being a circus contortionist.

Compact: The 90° layout massively reduce the machine’s length saving plenty of space for other purposes.

Flexible: Carry out format changes in minutes not hours! Thanks to a patent pending All-in-one Conveyor

Safe: The pouch is held firmly during all filling & sealing stages for a perfect finished package result.

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