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Pet Food Packaging

We have assembled the largest Pet Food packaging technical FAQ library in the world. Written by a team of experts to help you find the most innovative Pet Food packaging solution in the market.


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Dry Pet Food

Dental Sticks

Wet pet food

Packaging Solutions

for Pet Food


A wide range of machines: flow pack horizontal machines, vertical form fill and seal machines, multi-head weighing systems and loading systems that produce aesthetically appealing and robust packages that are ideal also for products having different shapes and dimensions.






Pet food Packaging Primer



Pet food is divided in three main categories:

  • dry pet food
  • dental sticks 
  • wet pet food.

Flexible packaging is the best solution to show pet food on shelves and protect it at the same time. The stand-up pouch packaging, thanks to its versatility to assume different shapes and sizes depending on the product needs, has gradually become the go-to packaging for petfood.

Flexible packaging, also, adapt very well to different typologies of food distribution to the pet itself, both when a single dose portion is needed and when the packaging needs to be of considerable dimensions(suitable for large dogs or for buying in bulk situations).
The packaging shape itself can be modified and adapted following the needs and instructions of the manufacturer, and equipped with a closing zip to help maintain the product’s freshness.
The petfood package must have an emotional impact, a perspective that implies the importance of the artwork to catch the customers’ attention, and to provide the more information possible about the ingredients and the product’s nutritional values (pivotal in the choice of the most suitable food for the pet’s diet).

PFM is a leader in pet food packaging


PFM makes available its long standing experience in the packaging world, offering a wide array of multihead weighers, form-fill-seal and stand up pouch machines (which produce three side seals bags, block bottom bags, steelo bags with four side seals). The machines for pet food packaging are: PFM Tornado BB, PFM Mistral BB, PFM Pearl, PFM Azimuth, PFM Zenith, PFM Solaris, PFM D-Series



Ask us about Pet Food packaging. We can help, promise.

We really want to help you. Our Company, PFM has a wide range of dedicated cutting and wrapping lines for the pet food packaging sector. We can develop custom-designed, innovative solutions, including automatic lines. We provide a wide rage of pet food Flow Wrap packaging machinery

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